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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ha, Ha, Ha

I know this is not explicitly social-practicy, but I think it touches on a lot of the same vibes. For the most part it is really weird (actually NOT funny), to read about jokes. However, there is some great stuff, including Dave Hickey's statement about how allowing art to be 'bad, silly and frivolous' is liberating. A lot of amazing artists are featured, including Hamza Walker who is on his way to PMMNLS to lecture on Dec 1.

Here's what the back says:
Ever since the Dadaists, humour in one or more of its guises - absurd, ironic, tragi-comic, mordant, gothically dark, deadpan, camp or kitsch - has frequently surfaced as a subversive, troubling or liberating element in art. This anthology traces humour's role in transforming the practice and experience of art from the early twentieth-century avant-gardes, through Fluxus and Pop, to the diverse, often uncategorizable works of some of the most influential artists today.

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